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Standings for February 2021

Pos Tipster Tips W L V Profit Interest
1 Alex 8 3 5 0 -5 -0.25%
2 Mert 8 2 6 0 -262 -13.1%
3 Raoul 8 1 7 0 -566 -28.3%

All-Time Standings

Pos Tipster Tips W L V Profit Interest
1 Alex 110 34 76 0 +1966 +98.3%
2 Raoul 109 46 63 0 +1854 +92.7%
3 Mert 73 28 45 0 +1000 +50%

Previous Months for Alex

Pos Month Tips W L V Profit Interest
1 January 34 6 28 0 -956 -47.8%
2 December 31 9 22 0 +2014 +100.7%
3 November 37 16 21 0 +913 +45.65%

Previous Months for Raoul

Pos Month Tips W L V Profit Interest
1 January 36 15 21 0 +299 +14.95%
2 December 33 14 19 0 +1560 +78%
3 November 32 16 16 0 +561 +28.05%

Previous Months for Mert

Pos Month Tips W L V Profit Interest
1 January 33 12 21 0 -511 -25.55%
2 December 32 14 18 0 +1773 +88.65%
Glossary Terms: W = Wins, L = Losses, V = Void, Interest = Bankroll Growth (Bankroll = 2.000 units, with a Max Bet of 100 units)

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