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Fixed Matches Scam
  • Posted by Alex
  • Date : 24 Dec 2020
  • Time : 10:00 AM

Since I’ve started My Bet Advice a lot of people asked (and still ask) me if I sell or know 100% Sure Tips (Fixed Matches). My answer is always NO and I want to clear some things out for anyone still believing in these scams.
THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS 100% SURE when it comes to Sports Betting!
The shady people that promise you Fixed Matches are SCAMMERS/THIEVES.
They place different bets with very high odds using the money they take from naive clients and sometimes, when they get a lucky win, they post the ticket that won (out of many others lost).

If anyone would really know about a Fixed Match, he wouldn’t even bother taking someone else’s money and, in no case ever, would brag about it on social media. Plus, the price for the information would be way bigger than the tens or hundreds of euros that these thieves claim.

Unfortunately I know 2 people that fell for this scam. For the sake of the explanation of how things happened in their cases let's call them John and Doe.
John was told that the price for 1 Fixed Match (correct score in his case) was 80€ and that he must pay with Paysafecard.
For those of you who don't know what Paysafecard is, it is a payment platform that allows you to buy credit and you get a 16-digit code. You tell the other person the code and once he enters it, the money are instantly received into his account. The process is great, but people can hide their identity with Paysafecard (and that is another warning sign if anyone you don't know asks you to make the payment using this method), so make sure you always know the person you are sending the code to.
Anyways, getting back to John. After he makes the payment, the scammer tells him that he mistyped the price and forgot to add the number 1 in front of 80 and that the real price is 180€ (LOL). So, the Scammer already made 80€ without sending anything in return and requested another 100€ to send the tip. After sending another 100€ (total 180€), John received a Correct Score tip odd 28.00 (3-1 for the home team). Needless to say the guests scored 2 goals in the first 20 minutes of the game (LOL) and the Fixed Match was lost along with John's 480€ (180€ for the tip and 300€ for the bet).

Getting to the 2nd person I know getting scammed, Doe. He was told that the price for a 32.00 odd is 120€ and the payment should be made via Paysafecard (again, LOL).
This time the price was right (scammer didn't ask for more) and he received a match from Germany, 2. Bundesliga - Guests to win at half time and Home to win the match - HT/FT 2/1. Information was "100% safe" because the scammer had an inside tip from a physical trainer of the team (some of them go as far with the lies as to tell they know one of the players - BIG LOL). Game started great, guests were up 1 goal, but it all went down in the last minute of the 1st half when home team got the equalizer. Doe contacted the scammer, scammer said he got the wrong tip (like he had a lot of fixed tips that day, the guy must've known everyone in all the leagues) and that he will send Doe a new Fixed Match the next day for free. In the next 2 hrs the account didn't even exist anymore.
Sorry if I seem to be amused by these things but I find it hilarious how some people can really believe in fairy tales.
Some Fixed Matches Scammers even give the "Fixed Matches" for free and claim payment after. They have nothing to lose, if they get lucky and guess the outcome of the match, the joker that believed him before now believes this "Betting Nostradamus" even more and besides paying him for the lucky guess, he will even pay him in advance for the next "Sure Tip".

Getting back to reality: I'm not saying Fixed Matches don't exist at all (we've all heard of team owners/managers/players getting caught), but if a match is Fixed, just a few important people from the team know about it and the word about it won't leave that group because they know the risks and punishments are high, being an illegal thing!

So try to see things in a logical way!

There is ABSOLUTELY NO ONE out there that actually knows about a Fixed Match and talks about it! NO ONE!

Stick with the tipsters you trust, the ones that are 100% HONEST about their results, because you only need 4 things to Make Money from Sports Betting: A SOLID BANKROLL, DISCIPLINE, PATIENCE and HARD WORK put into analyzing the events.

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